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Czech and Moravian Dairy Association

Czech & Moravian Dairy Association, V Olsinach 75, 100 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic,

Czech Moravian Dairy Association is a professional organisation representing companies operating in dairy industry or directly connected with this sector. The association was founded at the beginning of transformation of the Czech economy in the early 1990. The members are dairies, further sales organisations, technology, packaging and components suppliers, professional schools, consulting and services companies. ČMSM has several individual members.

With the respect to the volumes of milk produced in the Czech Republic, ČMSM members cover approximately a half of the output. The main mission of ČMSM is to protect the interests of its members, especially towards the government administration and professional institutions, as well as representing Czech milk processors in international organizations. The Association is also active in the fields of education, professional training, courses and professional conferences, it participates in the organization of national exhibitions and competitions of dairy products and it provides its members with information services on the state and development of the dairy market.

ČMSM works closely with the Dairy Research Institute, vocational education, with organizations representing agricultural production, with the professional Section for milk established by the Food & Drink Federation of the Czech Republic and many others.

Since 2004, the CMSM has been an active member of the European Dairy Association (EDA) based in Brussels; it also coordinates for manufacturers of processed cheese the membership in ASSIFONTE, i.e. the European Association of processed cheese manufacturers. There is also very close cooperation with the Czech National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (IDF), in which the CMSM is fully committed to the associated membership of the Czech Republic in this global dairy organization.

ČMSM publishes in cooperation with the Dairy Research Institute the magazine „Mlékařské listy“ (“Dairy Newsletter”), through which the professional public is kept informed about its activities. ČMSM issues the news bulletin "World of Milk" with up-to-date information from the fields of business, economics and the legislative sector.

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List of the members of Českomoravský svaz mlékárenský


AGRO-LA, spol. s r.o.Jindřichův Hradec
Bohušovická mlékárna a.s.Bohušovice n.Ohří
DANONE a.s.Benešov u Prahy
Choceňská mlékárna s.r.o.Choceň
Jaroměřická mlékárna a.s.Jaroměřice n.R.
Kromilk a.s.Kroměříž
Mlékárna Hlinsko a.s.Hlinsko v Čechách
Mlékárna Klatovy a.s.Klatovy
Mlékárna Kunín a.s.Ostrava
Mlékárna Polná spol. s r.o.Polná
Mlékárna Valašské Meziříčí s.r.o.Valašské Meziříčí
Polabské mlékárny a.s.Poděbrady
Povltavské mlékárny a.s.Sedlčany
ORRERO a.s.Litovel
TANY spol. s r.o.Nýrsko
TPK – Pribina spol. s r.o.Hodonín, Přibyslav

Sales and service organization

  • DIVERSEY, Česká republika s.r.o.
  • LACNEA, a.s., Praha
  • MILCOM, a.s. (incl. Dairy Research Institute)
  • MILCOM, Servis a.s.
  • TETRA PAK, Česká republika s.r.o.
  • ZOTT, s.r.o., Praha-Klánovice
  • ECOLAB, Hygiene s.r.o., Brno
  • SIG, Combibloc s.r.o. Hradec Králové

Vocational schools and other organizations

  • Czech National Committee of International Dairy Federation
  • Secondary School of Environmental and Food, Veselí nad Lužnicí
  • Department of Dairy, Fat and Cosmetics, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague
  • Department of Food Technology, Mendel University, Brno
  • Tomaš Bata University, Zlín
  • Higher Technical School of Food and Dairy
  • Secondary School, Kroměříž

Individual members

  • Kopáček Jiří, ing., CSc.
  • Losenický Vít, ing.
  • Němec Michal
  • Marek Petr, ing.
  • Klos Jiří, ing.