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Milk and milk products in human nutrition

Milk and milk products are for its delicious taste and wide use in both hot and cold dishes popular part of the diet throughout the world. Their importance in everyday human nutrition is certainly undeniable, as they are complex foods containing all macro-and micronutrients essential for life. They are valued especially for high volume of high-quality proteins important to the formation of muscle, easily digestible milk fat and valuable minerals from which especially calcium and phosphorus are necessary for the growth of bones and teeth and the proper functioning of the nervous system. In addition, they also contain a variety of vitamins that ensure proper function of metabolism of the human body. Consumption of milk products also significantly contributes to the regulation of body weight and preventing many lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure (*).

Promotional campaign "Quality European Milk Products" is focused on three popular and highly valuable representatives of a broad portfolio of milk.

Dairy spreadsCurd and curd-based productsYogurt
Dairy spreads are traditional Czech dairy product offering a delicious alternative to traditional butter. ...Curd and curd-based products may not only be rich and highly nutritious snacks, but also raw material for the preparation of many interesting dishes. ...Yogurt is a delicious dairy food, and it belongs mainly due to the content of living dairy cultures among functional foods positively affecting the digestive tract....

(*) E.Muehlhoff, A.Bennett, D.McMahon: Milk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition, chapter 4, pages 103-183; FAO, Roma (2013)